ASDAA – SABES (South Tyrolean Health Authority) described in 2013 an innovative project aiming to create quality standards that hospitals must meet in order to be authorized to provide any intervention of an oncological nature. The project’s greatest strength is seen in the definition of the thresholds of oncological pathologies, the creation of clinical networks on the provincial territory, and a constant dialogue among professional healthcare providers even of different disciplines, regarding the  determination of the best therapeutic strategy / treatment for patients (Tumorboard). The advisory board involves different hospitals and several clinical disciplines (oncology, surgery, radiology, radiotherapy, pathology, etc.) that treat oncological patients in videoconference. Beginning in March 2014, on three different afternoons per week, doctors and nurses in different health districts, are connected and present the medical record of each patient (abdominal surgery, breast cancer, otolaryngology). The providers   discuss the best treatment to be applied in terms of surgery, medical therapies (chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy), or palliative care. 


Certified surgical oncology at SABES - ASDAA

Cisco Case Study  -   ASDAA – SABES   /  TMS Telemedicine South Tyrol Srl :  "Virtual Healthcare Puts Patients Center Stage"  

The solution adopted by the present project by TMS Telemedicine South Tyrol Srl, aims directly toward or at the needs of the customer. Developed with Cisco technology, world leader in TelePresence and Videoconferences, it reaches the highest possible quality in sending encrypted data and images, through IT networks of local healthcare centers. 

Eight videoconference rooms have been created at the different provincial hospitals in order to make collaboration among the various specialists easier, by saving on travel costs, means of transport, and the time needed for said transfers.

The videoconference endpoints are Cisco TelePresence SX20 Quick Set, which provide a high-definition video and have the option of a double panel display due to a double 55” screen. Such endpoints are endowed with various camera options according to the size and setting of the rooms. They also provide a flexible solution that transforms any flat panel display into an effective TelePresence system for small and average sized meeting rooms.

Multipoint Control Units (MCU), tools for operational control management of the Cisco Video Communication Server (VCSc and VCSe), TMS (TelePresence Management Suite, a centralized management of the meeting calendar for the videoconferencing network) are the infrastructures adopted by ASDAA.

 Video Conference room at Brixen Hospital  (Auth. SABES - ASDAA)


 Video Conference room at Bozen Hospital (Auth. SABES - ASDAA) 


Video Conference room at Bruneck Hospital  (Auth. SABES - ASDAA)